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UX/UI Design for Milton's IoT App

Milton is a household name in India. Founded in 1972, it has a legacy spanning over 50 years of disrupting the homeware segment. Hamilton India, the parent company of Milton, engaged with Ungrammary to revamp the User experience for their IoT Device application. 

03 Months
UX /UI Design


The Problem 

Easy configuration, and fast onboarding with improved  UI design

The App needs to communicate with intelligent IoT devices such as tiffins, water bottles, and casseroles. The critical experience hurdle was to provide an easy UI/UX to configure these devices with the apps like Alexa, Google Home, and Apple products via App. We created an easy-to-configure UX design with the help of contextual micro-interaction, which precisely tells users what action they have to perform on the device. 

  • Easy onboarding 

  • Fast configuration 

  • Beautiful interface 

  • Functional UX 


UX/UI Design 

We had a couple of meetings with the product team to understand the challenges and constraints. UI/UX team at Ungrammary created the app's architecture and strategy on how users will access the information and device analytics on the platforms. The various stakeholders ran through it, and once approved, we went ahead and created the entire UI of the App. 

  • Identifying UX constraints 

  • Information architecture

  • Onboarding flows 

  • Interface design and concept


UX Design & UI Deliverables 

We created an experiential UI interface which is close to the real experience.

The 4 step delivery of the project included: User flows, wireframes, UI mockups and micro-interaction design. 

An integrated system of lights on the device and micro-interaction in the application was created to signal the users for the required actionable. 

6 – 1.webp

Results & Feedback

"We had a smooth workflow. A timeline for the project was shared with us at the starting, And everyone try to chase the shared timeline. We talked mostly over the tools to provide feedback. Apart from that, we had meetings once a week to go check the progress. We didn’t feel confused at any step since everything was written, marked, and managed properly."

Creative Head, Hamilton Housewares Pvt Ltd

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