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Helping Adobe with UX research to reinvent its product for the Indian market

Work credentials

Selected clients and services provided to them 

Recently we have been occupied with a lot of exciting work. Case studies are long commitments and may not be possible due to the nature of contracts with our clients. So we decided to create a brief work snippet listing our recent works and the upcoming case studies. You can read the case studies or contact us to learn more about our work. 

Kotak Hero (3).webp

Kotak Mahindra Bank

UX UI Design | Product Strategy | Frontend & UI Engineering

We are engaged in a long-term partnership with the bank, where we have designed more than 15 products .

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Marketing website | D2C | Information Accessibility 

Information architecture and home page design to optimise for better conversation.

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Adobe Inc

User Research | Usability testing | Heuristic Evaluation

User experience design & usability research to promote the paid subscription in the Indian market

UX UI Design  by Ungrammary for BFSI Segment - Au Small Finance Bank

AU Small Finance Bank

UX UI Design | Micro-interactions | Tab banking

UX UI design of Tab banking for the new-age banking experience.

Cited by popular awards, publications and directories 

Ungrammary in Indian and Global Media
UX UI Design , Research and development by Ungrammary.

Adani Capital

User Research | UX UI Design | Product Strategy | Frontend & UI Engineering

UX UI partner of Adani capital to digitally transform their consumer-facing credit line.

Branding and creative Design  by Ungrammary for oziva a D2C brand


Brand design | Packaging | Marketing collaterals

Brand Consultancy and packaging design for India's fastest-growing meal replacement and plant-based protein supplement brand

UX UI Design and branding  by Ungrammary for fossil group of companies

Fossil Group

Brand design management | Digital channels design auditing

Brand Management and Creative Monitoring of Fossil and its Portfolio Brands in 7 countries.

UX UI Design by Ungrammary for BFSI sector - JM Financials - Trading App

JM Financials

UX UI Design | Micro-interactions

UX UI design of referral stack for their new age trading app "Blinktrade".

Design by Ungrammary for Hitech company VMware


UI Animation | Motion Design | ProductWalkthrough Videos

 Created UI animations from the still screen of VMware's intranet portal and packaged them into a video content of 90 mins.

UX UI Design by Ungrammary for SAAS platform that use image optimisation

UX design | UI design | Design System | SAAS Product design

We designed an end-to-end UX UI experience of a SAAS platform that offers an integrated Media Library and AWS CDN.

UX UI Design by Ungrammary for a Healcare app that use computer vision and AR


UX UI Design | Product thinking | Experience design

User Experience design of the Physiotherapy platform digitally maps the user's skeleton and gives real-time feedback about the degree of correctness while exercising.

UX UI Design for E-commerce app 6th street by ungrammary

Apparel Group

UI UX design | Ecommerce | App design

UX UI design of the e-commerce app and web components of UAE's most prominent fashion brand.

UX UI Case study – 40.webp

Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC)

Visual design | Graphic design

Tender for visual and graphic design for the radiology department at Bhabha atomic research centre. 

UX UI Design for a SAAS platform for 5G Network by ungrammary

Aarna Networks

UX UI Design | Product Design | Enterpris software design

We have designed 2 end-to-end enterprise software, "AES" and "AMCOP" to solve enterprise edge and private 5G management complexity. 

UX UI Design for a BFSI Sector , pay later app startup by ungrammary


Branding & Voice | Customer experience (CX)

 Designed the Customer experience and user journey of app migration and did the branding voice of a subsidiary brand.

UX UI Design for point of sales device Terminal by ungrammary for a client based in UAE

POS Terminal

App Design / UX Reserch / Consultation 

Powerful hardware integrated with beautifully designed software. A simplified Userexpereice that makes it easy to use for users with low reading proficiency. 

Visual and brand design for MoEngage - a SAAS platform based in USA


Communication & Visual design

Retainer engagement for Visual and UI design support. We work alongside moengege's internal design team to deliver high-quality digital assets. 

UX UI Design for a D2C brand's Website in Ecommerce


D2C website | UX UI Design | D2C Commerce 

Easier navigation, Less clutter, and a Better look and feel. Modern and functional UX/UI design for apparel D2C Brand.

UX UI Design for a Smart Device by ungrammary


User experience and user interface (UX UI design) | IOT APP

UX UI design for Milton's IoT App lets users take control of their smart kitchenware.

UX UI Design for a Payroll Managment application by ungrammary


App Design / UX Reserch / Consultation 

Payroll app design for Qatar-based Fin-tech. UX's goal was to minimize the load on customer support.

UX UI Design for  A paint company by ungrammary

Kansai Nerolac Paints

Visual design | Marketing collaterals | Branding

Designing Value Proposition Pitches and Marketing Collaterals for the Automotive Paints Division.

UX UI Design and Research  for a D2C brand Super bottoms by ungrammary


User Research | UX UI Design | Marketing website

We helped the brand identify gaps in conversion rate through systematic user research and usability testing followed by UX UI Design.

Visual and motion design for a BFSI company turtlemint by ungrammary


Motion design | Visual Design | Communication Statergy

Engaged in Multiple projects to create compelling marketing messaging, Motion design and creatives for various brand and marketing campaigns.

UX UI Design and branding for a Prop tech company


Brandiing | Marketing website

We created an extensive brand identity and compelling marketing website for the mortgage and lending firm based in the USA.

UX UI Design and Visual design for Brooks, a lagecy brand

Brooks Running

Viisual design | UI design

An extended arm of Brook's in-house design team. Designing UI components, communications and web visuals.  

Visual, Motion, Communication Design for a fintech startup


Communication design | Motion design

Created of series of marketing animated videos and animation concepts

UX UI Design for a Drug trial management healthcare software by ungrammary

REDCap Cloud

User experience design | UI design | SAAS 

Simplifying clinical research and drug trial management with the easy-to-use SAAS platform allows pharma giants to manage their scientific data and studies. 

UX UI Design for a SAAS and enterprise software in banking by ungrammary


User experience and user interface (UX UI design)

UX UI Design for a product suite of 6 digital products. Data visualization, dashboard and campaign management platform design for banks and brands.

Design for a mutual Fund App by ungrammary


Messaging & Voice | Customer experience (CX)

It is helping the brand to prompt its customers to complete the KYC procedure with the help of an informed user journey and communication. 

UX UI Design for  SAAS and enterprise software by ungrammary


UX UI Design | Product Design | Enterpris software design | SAAS 

UX Design for an AI-enabled organization and team Management product suite. 

UX UI Design for a political technology Firm and Party by ungrammary

Political Tech Stack

App Design | UX UI Design | Product Consultation 

Ungrammary worked together with the engineering arm of a political organization to design frameworks to manage data and publish digital content.

UX UI Design for  SAAS and enterprise software for Autism by ungrammary


UX UI Design | SAAS & Enterprises UX UI Design

UX UI Design for a SAAS/enterprise product that lets automakers  Automate all their factory reports and post directly to DMS

Notable  clients 

client logo.webp
Visual Design for an architecture company

GreenTree Global

Visual and graphic design

Graphic and visual design for a green architectural firm that helps large and mega structures like airports and commercial spaces to be energy efficient.

Visual Design for an edtech company by ungrammary


App Design | UX UI Design | Ed tech

Exclusive and a Paid App for students to monitor their performance and achieve academic goals for competitive exams

UX UI Design for a marketing website of service company


Website design | UX UI Design

Marketing Website Design; Storytelling with Illustration -  bringing ideas to life with a vibrant illustration voice that speaks for the brand.

Visual Design for an edtech company by ungrammary based in UAE

Payzy App

App Design | UX UI Design | Finance App

UX UI for a UAE based Finance management app for parents that allows them to pay for school, tuition, and extracurricular activities 

Experience the  brilliance in user experience design

Ungrammary is one of the leading user experience design agencies globally. We are known for designing large-scale product suites and applications catering to enterprises and consumers both. In the last six years of our journey, we have worked with companies like Adobe, VMware, Fossil, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Adani group, Apparel Group and 80+ companies. On the way have won many international design awards in UX design. 

Notable  clients 

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