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Elevate your career path in design. Join best-in-class ux agency


We onboard bright individuals and groom them to become independent designers and UX strategists. Each team member takes ownership of the project and shares a wide range of responsibilities. The ability to collaborate and move things faster is our greatest strength. 

Open Positions

Here is your chance 

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with"; hence, we are looking for bright and talented teammates at Ungrammary. Please read the job description carefully before applying.

Human Resource & Admin

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Business Development & Sales

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India ( Remote)

UX/UI Design Internship

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India / Remote

Associate UX/ UI Designer

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India / Remote

UX/UI Designer

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India ( Remote)

Video Editor & Motion designer

Maharashtra, India

Why work with Ungrammary

Do great work with

Our open culture ensures that each idea is heard, defended, and nurtured. Most of our project involves interdisciplinary collaborations that help our team explore creativity beyond their fields. It's an ideal scenario at Ungrammary if a designer has to collaborate with the data science, operation, engineers, or business team to work on something they have never heard of. We have worked on a project that can help train kids with autism, an application that can track and manage drug & clinical trials, to make banking accessible to farmers in small villages. Our work revolves around solving large-scale problems.

Remote & balance work

You can work from the place of your choice; all you would need is a computer, the internet and self-discipline. No hassle or bustle of traffic; spend more time with your friends and family.

Meetups & onsights

To bond and have a good time together, Our team meet atleast once a year on a sponsored trip. We also offer paid trips to facilitate on-ground research, workshops and boot camps. 

Personal & Growth 

5 days of work with a balance of work and life. You get ample time to improve and acquire new skills. 

We look good on your resume;)

We are one of the best UX agencies globally. Hence, working with Ungrammary will surely add up to your resume. 

UX mature agency

We are a full-fledged UX mature firm that often engages in long-term partnerships. That means you see a product's entire lifecycle, from ideation to research and then its implementations and results.  

Culture and vibe

A happy workplace is a 
productive workplace.

Work is an essential part of our life, and as grown-ups, we spend most of our time working. Therefore you must have quality time while working. It's okay to chill or simply have fun; we believe a happy mind opens your creative side.

Culture at Ungrammary

The Culture Playbook 

We know "culture" is a hype word; just writing about it on the company's website does not mean anything. A good culture is hard to define, and it's a vibe. We are not the perfect team; we have disagreements, competitions, internal issues, and criticism. But it's all about how we deal with the situations. Hence we are learning and improving each day and are abiding by these manifestos: 

Critics but constructively 

If design fundamentals are intact, we focus more on what can be improved rather than what's wrong. 

Have a big heart and a small ego

A smaller ego gives you more room to learn and grow professionally. It's okay to be wrong sometimes. Accept your mistakes, learn and move on; that leads to faster growth. 

Be a good listener 

Listening with an open mind to your users, colleagues, and clients helps you clearly understand and articulate the requirements. A problem well understood is half solved. 

 Conversation over arguments 

Great ideas often fail, and ego wins when arguing. We encourage our team to have a conversation with reasoning and logic.  

Communicate with clarity 

We practice and encourage you to articulate your doubts, challenges and suggestions concretely. Try to be specific and quantify your asks rather than be vague. 

Zero tolerance on data and IP infringement  

Since our nature of work deals with intellectual property, we take plagiarism of design and IP violation of our clients seriously, irrespective of the employee's position. 

Cited by popular awards, publications and directories 

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