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We are user experience design agency based in India.

No more fuss words. We are a user experience design agency based in Mumbai, India. We are known for creating aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use digital products that your customers will love. We specialise in UX design for consumer apps, enterprise and saas applications. We can help you with user research, user experience & user interface (UX UI) design. 


A UX design team you can always trust

We are a team of exceptional UX designers and creative professionals with proven expertise in crafting an ergonomic and aesthetic user experience for your digital products. Even though we are an innovative team and highly focused on design, we are familiar with the development agile processes that help us collaborate more efficiently with your product and development teams.


Fast and efficient

Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, you will be wowed by our process and the clarity that we will bring to your product. It helps us bypass slow review cycles, iterations and lengthy clueless meetings.


Trusted in market

You can rely on us in terms of quality. We have been working with fortune 500 companies like Adobe, Fossil, Adani group, Kotak Mahindra bank, and many more. We believe in long-term relationships.


Award-winning team

Apart from the client's testimonials, our work is vetted by industry experts to maintain high standards in UX UI design. Our design has won many reputed international design awards. 

Cited by popular publications and directories 

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What makes us a successful UX UI Design Agency 

Creative blood with 
engineering mindest. 

UX UI is a field in "Human-computer interaction", which is at best when creativity is combined with technology. We love our design craft, but at the same time, we understand how technology works. Our founders are alums of the "Indian Institute of Technology" (IIT), considered one of the best technology grad schools in the world. They have helped us to ensure that our designs and interactions are technically sound and can be consumed by the developers without any hassle. We think like artists and designers but implement your design like developers. Your developers are going to love us.


Rahul KC


Rahul is an IIT Roorkee alumnus and an award-winning designer. A rare combination of creativity with tech, Rahul is responsible for setting up the design culture at Ungrammary.


Swati Verma


An alumna of IIT Roorkee, Swati, brings the best design and product minds under one roof to build impactful products. She heads the company's growth and alliance.

Design Philosophy 

We design for usability,  scale, and delight

As a UX design agency, our core objective is to understand business objectives and then marry them with user needs and behaviour. Usability, scale, and delight remain the core of our user experience design philosophy, which serves you and your users equally.


In simple language, usability refers to how easily your customers or user interacts with a website or product. When we design a product, we ensure that all the best practices and accessibility standards are met for android, IOS, and the web. Our products have scored high in accessibility when audited by external agencies (e.g. NN group,  Apple). 


In lamen terms, we optimise our designs for large volumes of screens, saving time and money for businesses and making it easy for customers to get familiar with the design pattern. The scale is handy if you are a SaaS/Enterprise software or large-scale consumer product like banking apps with 1000s of screens. An intelligent design system can save you a lot of development costs.


We make custom UI designs and interactions for your brand, giving your product its unique flavour. On the other hand, we ensure that your valuable users find it easy to interact and have a great visual experience while using your product. We leverage our artistic liberty to create a fun yet simple experience.

Notable  clients 

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When we reflect upon the past and look back 

We remember when we started our journey back in 2017. Mumbai was known as the creative hub of India, with industries like Bollywood, advertising, and design. The city set a high bar for creative work and for survival. Our journey started in 2017 from an apartment where we tried to create a name for ourselves in an established space. 

It was a humble beginning, with lots of ups and downs, but we persevered. Over time, our hard work and dedication paid off, and today, Ungrammary not only stands among India's best agencies but is also well-regarded worldwide. This success was not ours alone, but a testament to the support of our team members, interns, office help, vendors, financial advisors, mentors, and clients who trusted in our vision.


As a token of  love, we would like to offer them a backlink to their LinkedIn profiles / personal websites in our current release.❤️​

Thank Links

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Khusboo Desai 

First Employee 

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Mukul Jindal

 Friend & well-wisher

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Rakhi Kumari

Family & Associate

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Jayesh Gopalan


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Vikram Rathod

Friend & Associate

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Neeraj Kumar

Mentor & Client

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