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Payroll app design for Qatar based Fin-tech 

Qpay is Qatar’s Largest Financial Technology Services Network for Small & Med-SizeEnterprises. Qpay onboarded ungrammary to redesign the existing payroll product suite for better adoption and reduce its Ops overload on customer service. 

QPAY International 
8 months
UX /UI design


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The problem 

Reduce Ops overload on customer care and better adaptation.

Despite having a fully integrated digital portal for payroll, the rate of customers calling the call center for transactional queries was high. It was becoming a bottleneck to scaling the customer base. As stated by the company's CEO, our clear UX goal was to minimize the load on customer support.

- Create easy single sign-on for easy login
- Make an easy to use application
- Enable payment in minimum steps
- Reduce customer care calls



Our UX design team conducted an ops workshop to analyze the customer queries

Our UX team conducted a workshop and several meetings with the product manager and ops team to understand the nature of calls from the customers and bifurcated it into several categories. We identified certain Blackbox in the process, where the customer was unaware of their employees' transactional and compliance status. We helped the client to put that information readily available to their customers. 

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UX Design & UI Deliverables 

As a part of our design solution, we delivered low-fed wireframes to test and verify our design solutions. We designed a payroll app where end customers can track employees' documents, payments, and recharge. 
In addition, customers can pay employees, create a time log, track the recharge receipts, and eligibility to receive payment and cards.


- Enterprise UX/ UI Design
- Mobile app experience
- UX Audits

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Results &

The Business and Ops team were happy with the new workflows that we produced. Together we manage to give a lot of control to users by enabling them to know the status of their transaction, generate automated tickets and see the compliance eligibility of their employees. 

Ungrammary has a reputation for its approach. Their immersive POS and payroll portal designs have been released and are under development. Internal stakeholders are happy with their work. They maintain an effective workflow and a successful collaboration.

- Chief Operating Officer

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