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Value Proposition Design

Ungrammary has been helping Nerolac Paints Automotive and Auto Refinish Divisions with design consultation and deliverables on a regular basis. Nerolac is the market leader in the B2B division and their clients include the foremost companies from the automotive industries. For B2B division, the projects included a lot of data and technical information. The challenge was to present the information structure having technical data in a visually engaging format.  

Visual language and Brand Communication for Automotive Paints

Before commencing the project, we understood their practical processes and values of the automotive and auto refinish paint segment to make well-formatted information structure. After the comprehensive understanding, we aligned the values with the visual language. The defined visual language helped us to intact design cohesiveness in the sales and branding collaterals, and most importantly it helped to keep a check on the brand communication.

Defining a Visual Language

Garage Experience and Safety Instructions

Automotive division of paints involves a lot of precision and safety precautions. We established a communication of these measures for the end users with the help of Space Design.

Marketing Campaigns 

Nerolac executes various marketing campaigns to promote its product and technology among its client. Ungrammary as an agency has helped Nerolac with design consultation on multiple projects to shape up ideas into creative visuals.

Colors of Seasons

Nerolac required a campaign to promote the efficiency of paints which can withstand multiple seasons of India. 
To sell this concept, we came up with the Colors of Seasons campaign. Themed illustrations were designed to reflect the connection between the hues of the seasons in India and the colors of the paints. 


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