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Digitalising the largest political party in the world

A political tech company onboarded Ungrammary to design captivating user experiences to bring digital transformation for all their national & regional digital real estate. For a year, Ungrammary worked together with the engineering arm of a political organization to design frameworks to manage and publish digital content.

Political tech organisation 
12 months
UX /UI design


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The problem 

We designed a scalable, multilingual content publishing and management platform for India's largest political organization.

India is one of the largest democracies with 30 states and 7 union territories. We were required to design scalable digital frameworks that can adapt as per the language, social and cultural issues, and requirements of each province.

  • Improve content discovery

  • design scalable infrastructure 

  • make platform multilingual 

  • Design for Billion plus diverse userbase

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It was an immediate action plan to design and implement a scalable publishing infrastructure for upcoming state elections. Our UX design team collaborated with the client's product management teams to define the content hierarchy and buckets them differently. We created two design systems, one for the back-end portal and the other for the consumer-facing apps, to implement the design sprints quickly. 

Web 1920 – 44.webp

UX Design & UI Deliverables 

The automation of the on-ground workflow processes reduced the hassle of their offline work. The platform we designed helped to create awareness among the common man and make them more informed about the government schemes, manifestos, whitepapers, and multiple campaigns. The survey portal helped to capture the issues and pain points of the general people.

Our UX /UI Design team worked on multiple projects, including 2 publishing tools , 1 multilingual App, and 6 websites.

  • Content creation tool

  • Content editor

  • Logic builder tool for survey 

  • Design system

  • Content engagement Apps and microsite

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Web 1920 – 42.webp
Web 1920 – 53.webp
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Results & feedback

Due to the confidential nature of the work, the quantitative result was not accessible to us.

Inaugurated and Praised by Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah
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