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Exclusive Paid App

Studentpro was an Add-on App along with Classpro and was free. But now was the time when Key stakeholders decided to start selling Studentpro App as a separate entity. Therefore, a completely new look was required to design for the App along with the integration of upcoming features. The experience of the App was required to make it more efficient, seamless and rich.

Key Stakeholders Workshop 

We conducted stakeholders workshop, to understand the business goals. Following we created an outline persona, to begin with, our user research.  The goal was to Migrating  100K+ Students to a paid subscription on an exclusive app for coaching classes in India.  The brief was to design a completely new look which was intuitive, easy to use and premium in it’s feel. 

Convert 40% user base of Free App to Paid App (Subscription-based). 
Creating a personal guide and self-performance monitoring app for competitive student

UX Challenges

Rotato Snapshot.png
Driving High Engagement

The challenge was to drive high engagement and make the app part of students daily routine. Since ages, education has been coined as a boring and serious business. To add further to it, the app is to remind students about their studies all the time. 

Why the traditional method is not the best solution for this App? 

We wanted to create more than a tool. A product that empathizes with students and helps them achieve their educational goal.

The current solution where all the features are listed on the Home Screen of App acts just as a tool. This will solve the problem of updating the students, but will not increase the engagement. 

The challenge is to build a habit and not to make a boring school assessment tool.

Our UX Approach 
and Solution

Identifying rewards through User research 

We looked through existing analytics, tracked app events, and interviewed  Stakeholder and Students, to identify the Key matrices and their priority order. 

Result and Findings

  • Students are mostly using the current app to see the daily schedule.

  • Missed topics on their absent days are very critical to them.

  • Each class have desperate attendance, hence subject-wise attendance should be included. 

  • Students are sensitive about their marks. Often they don't like to share them publicly unless they are fairing well in their tests. 

  • Apart from various modules, there should be a personalized home feed for the students which tells them the most important things at glance.

Personalized Student Feed 


Matrices which vary regularly and students want a regular update. These matrices would act as variable reward for the students.
- Schedule of the upcoming day
- Attendance


As this information changes regularly and regular update is required for the same, a fixed position was defined for these matrices on the Home Screen. 

Rotato Snapshot.png
Rotato Snapshot.png

Personalized Student Feed 


The matrices that make an impact on students but the information is not generated regularly:
Exam Result
Assignment submission due date


As these pieces of information were not daily required, it was added in Variable cards. These variable cards are pushed on the Home screen in case of any specific due date or announcement.

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