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VMware: The Tech Moghul Listed on the NYSE, VMware is a globally recognized tech giant with a major shareholder being Dell Technologies. VMware stands for innovation and growth. 

 Engagement Highlights

A project of this magnitude, nearly 90 minutes of audiovisual content and 25+ modules to be covered. We made sure we work smart and not overtime. With the help of great management and right tracking, we thrivingly shipped 26 videos in the time span of 4 months.

The Costs Unknown To Many

Financial management is at the heart of any business, it is one area that can help drive it forward. Nearly 40% of business expenses are disposed of solely for customer support helplines, this constitutes for a major chunk of ops overhead. It was vital to come up with a solution that would suffice VMware’s needs.

Walkthrough Videos for The Source Platform

How could one help 40,000 employees avoid future issues, reduce the number of incoming service calls and tickets, and increase employee satisfaction overall? Walkthrough videos are a one-time investment to educate their employees on the functioning of the new source platform. As a result, productivity improved and operational costs decreased. 

Agile Video Creation Process

It was mandatory for us to find a way to taper our turnaround time. Client feedback is a key element in ensuring the fluency of the video production process. We created set processes to ensure we received feedback in different key stages of the production phases. Such as the creative brief, the review meeting, the script, and others. 

Working with Global Teams

Our local team managed early mornings as well as late nights to stay in touch with the U.S based team. For energizing the product tech team and the content team we collaborated in ways to work as one team across departments, languages, time zones and cultures. 


We successfully produced and managed video documentation of the source training platform, within a tight schedule. The final deliverables included 26 walkthrough and training videos with approximately 90 mins of content.

A word from the Senior Manager, about our work

vara colour.png

Varaprasad Shanbhag

Senior Change Manager at VMware

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys know how amazing the videos have come up. It’s really great to see all our internal teams at VMware are happy with the videos that were fashioned for training. We are looking forward to working with your team on our upcoming projects.

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