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What is Presales User experience

Presales is a stage in the customer's journey before the sale, or when the customer is acquired. Presales experience refers to the experience of the customer before the end product or services are delivered.

Customer Acquisition experience Design 

Launching a new product line or business? We help you streamline your pre-sales customer experience. Leave an impression on your customers even before they buy


Creating an effective customer journey

  • Create customer's empathy maps

  • Discover  customer touchpoints

  • Design triggers and  experience around the touchpoint  

  • Define Motivation, ability, and triggers at touchpoints 



Communication for Customer Touchpoints

  • Designing communication briefs for touchpoints with MATs (Motivation, ability, and triggers) as the principal guide 

  • Crafting Voice and Tone of the messaging

  • Communication Design - Email, SMS, push, UX copy, micro-sites


Value Proposition Design

  • Stakeholder’s workshop to identify the positioning

  • Brand and Business narratives (the foundation of the brand story)

  • Pre-sales collateral design - ATL & BTL. Such as Business Pitch, Funding decks, Reports, and Marketing assets


Scenarios when we

are hired

For designing a comprehensive communication framework that empathizes with the customer and resonates with the production values. Onboarding communications, promotional communication, automated triggers like emails, texts, in-app copy and push notifications.

Marketing Stack Design

Business and marketing strategies are the core parts of a brand's success equation. We look to tap insights and provide design-centric solutions that excite audiences to take action. We help you to bring your marketing vision to life with a creative process.


Marketing Website and Microsite

  • Key stakeholder workshop to identify problem statement and defined goals

  • Customer persona identification & segregation

  • Mind map & user journey for persona

  • Information architecture to define product & service categories

  • Interface and micro-interaction design


Promotional Campaigns Design

  • Creative Concepts for digital communication

  • Performance creatives  for  digital Ads

  •  Ads copies and Scripts (Email, SMS, Notification, Phone scrips)

  • Promotional Videos ( animation, testimonials, explainer, live action)


Marketing Voice and communication

  • Creative briefs 

  • Defining the voice and tone of marketing campaigns

  • Defining communication guidelines


Senarios when we are hired

Designing micro-site for acquisition and conversion. Custom website design. 
Business campaigns design to attract the top of the funnel users. 
Motion design videos right from concept to scriptwriting to VO, sound design, and animation.

Brand System & Identity Design

Effective strategy and messaging framework to capture the true "North" of the Brand. We help you to bridge the gap between your Brand's perceived image with its strategic personality.


Brand Positioning  and Identity 

  • Name Generation Exercise

  • Logo Design and brand kit

  • Visual Identity System 

  • Brand Research for positioning

  • Brand message and communication guidelines


Packaging Design & Systems

  • Packaging concept

  • Packaging environment

  • Branded environment (Product label, insertion, kiosk)

  • Unified packaging guides for extended product lines


Brand Consultancy and Brand management

  • Design Workshops

  • Setting up in-house design team and process

  • Creative Monitoring of digital assets

  • Brand Assets creatio

  • Brief for creative agencies

Senarios when we are hired

Craft compelling brand stories. Packaging environment design expressing the brand values, personality, and key belief. Brand cohesivity and strong visual alignment across offline and online channels. Brand kit, Brand name generation, branding environment design

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