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UX Design for Adani 
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We at Adani Capital aim at nation building through financial & capital support for MSME growth and rural development

Adani Capital
1 year ongoing 
UX /UI design


Image by Gayatri Malhotra

The problem 

UX and Interface Design for Virtual Assistance platform that shall simulate the real-world experience 

UX and Interface Design for Virtual Assistance platform that shall simulate the real-world experience

  • The app is to be used by users (patients) experiencing physical distress and is under physical therapy.​ We had to keep the experience close-knit to the physical experience so that the user didn't feel that they were not under the proper guidance.

  • While designing the guided exercise training modules, it was vital for us to track and define every possible error a user might make. And design a comprehensive feedback mechanism for the user whether they are doing right.

spryy creative .webp

Posture cases   and Design thinking 

Absolute values were not possible for these trackers. Therefore, relative indicators were assigned.

Mapping the exercise postures with the user's skeleton

The platform digitally maps the user's skeleton and the movement points to identify the degree of exercise correctness. 

We identified six matrices using which we can signal a user whether they have maintained the correct posture. The matrices were

  • Angle

  • Direction

  • Motion/Speed

  • Distance

  • Arcs

  • Rhythm

UX Design & Approach

In Spry Movement App, the exercise module was one of the biggest and most important modules to crack. The real success of the app was dependent on whether the users will adapt to this way of exercising. And that's possible only when users find real-world confidence in the virtual trainer. Therefore, we divided the Exercise module from the rest of the portal design and dedicated Phase 1 to the exercise module design.​

PHASE 0 - Requirement gathering and project debriefing
  • Stakeholder's interview and exercise

  • User journeys and flows mapping


PHASE 1, the below steps were defined:​


Preliminary Check

Exercise Categories

Tracking Parameters

Live environment design

Feedback Mechanism


PHASE 3: Remaining portal design

  • Information architecture for onboarding, timeline, status, calendar, profile section


PHASE 2: Virtual Assistance (Exercise) design 

  • Cases identification such as exercise posture errors, success, qualitative feedback

  • Information architecture for exercise


PHASE 4: UI Design
  • Design System and UI component design
  • ​UI Design and Final Mockups
Web 1920 – 53 (2).webp
Web 1920 – 52.webp
Web 1920 – 58.webp
Web 1920 – 55.webp
Web 1920 – 59.webp







Results & Feedbacks

Ungrammary submitted their deliverable on time, which was the client's highest priority. They were transparent with their timelines and they were available whenever the client needed them. Their workflow was effective was also as expected.

CEO, Spry Health

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