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UX UI design solutions for SAAS & Enterprise

Saasy design for SAAS and Enterprise

For a B2B SaaS platform, a good UX UI design is akin to a good architecture in a building. lt becomes the primary need to make the system scalable. UX UI design is the sturdy foundation that sets the platform apart while ensuring a seamless user experience remains intact.


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Ungrammary in Indian and Global Media

Glimpse of our work in SAAS & Enterprise 

Work & Solutions

We have worked with 15+ clients in SaaS and Enterprise to build numerous products and platform suites for them. Below is a snapshot of some of the selected products and solutions by Ungrammary in the SaaS and enterprise segment.


Selected clients in fintech & BFSI

We have catered to organizations of all sizes, from series A funded startups to India's largest banking institutions to Global financial institutions. We are known for our innovation and quality of design. 

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Why work with Ungrammary 

Why finance company love to work with us?

You don’t need to familiarise us with fintech terminologies and processes. When you say asset vs liability, indexation or capital gain, XIRR,  our team understands what they are and how to best represent these matrices. This minimises the time for knowledge transfer and errors. You can find five more reasons below. 


25+ products in banking and finance.

We bring our product experience of building multiple financial products to you. We have designed more than 25 products for banks, financial institutions, and fast-moving fintech startups in the BFSI space.

Process suitable for large and medium enterprises

We understand the industry beyond design. Large organizations follow a hierarchical structure, and there needs to be unanimous approval to move things forward. Over the year, we have built processes which help us deliver on time, even in a multi-layer approval setup.

Designed for Tier I, Tier II and Tier III audiences

We have expertise in designing products for Bharat and know how to establish trust in users with low financial literacy. We can help you design products for Tier I, Tier II and Tier III audiences; and for all age groups, i.e. 18 years young users to 60 years old.

International design awards in fintech product 🔥

We have won 4 highly reputed international design awards in the UI UX design segment for the fintech products we designed. 

We understand the financial sector & regulations

One thing we understand well is if the legal and compliance team says no in the finance segment, it means No. You don't need to handhold us regarding legal compliances required to be taken care of in the UX UI design.

Get in touch with us

Want to know about our process and pricing?

Contact us to learn about our design process, past projects and engagement model. You can also signup if you need a consultancy on whether it is the right time to onboard a UX UI design agency. 

What services we can offer to you

Behind every good work,  there is a great service 

Ungrammary is a pioneer in UX UI design. Under our umbrella, we offer a complete solution which gives you the accuracy and confidence to work with us. From product ideation to design thinking to screen design to finish the entire thing for you in the form of an efficient code, these are the wide array of our services:

UX & UI Design

We help our clients with userflows and interface design by creating a visual representation of the user journey through the product or service. This involves mapping out all the steps a user will take to accomplish their goals and identifying any pain points or areas of friction. 

UX workshop

Our UX workshops help clients by facilitating collaborative sessions to identify user needs and business goals, through activities like brainstorming, user persona creation, and stakeholder alignment. This ensures all stakeholders have a shared understanding of the project's scope and goals, leading to a more effective and successful UX/UI design process.

UX Research

We offer UX research services to help our clients create user-centered designs that meet their users' needs. We can identify research goals, choose research methods, recruit participants, conduct studies, analyze results, and provide insights and recommendations.

Visual Design for web

Our visual design services involve creating high-fidelity UI designs that are optimized for various devices and screen sizes. We pay close attention to typography, color, and layout to ensure that the designs are consistent with the client's brand and resonate with the target audience. Our visual design services aim to create a memorable and engaging user experience that drives business success.

Front end engineering

We help our clients with front-end engineering by creating responsive, accessible, and interactive user interfaces using the latest web technologies. This involves coding the UI designs into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, optimizing the performance of the website or application, and ensuring compatibility across various devices and browsers.

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