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Storytelling with Illustrations

Bringing ideas to life with vibrant illustration voice that speaks for the brand.

The Concept :

A cohesive design language which reflects the companies ethos of “Problem Solving with Fun”.

Group 6972_2x.png

For defining the concept, we required to understand the ethos and values of Codalyze. We had extensive meetings with the keyholders to understand the different aspects of their business and find the one thing that can reflect their true values. What surfaced from this exploratory discussion process gave us a head start for the conceptualization.


The value that resonates with Codalyze for their every project is: Problem Solving with Logic and Fun. We incorporated the concept of Rubic’s cube to reflect their passion for solving problems logically. The bright colors are used to reflect their fun culture.

Why Illustrations?

Since the company was catering to the B2B segment globally; personalization, and the ability to connect with the prospect are core aspects of the business. Hence, we decided to go with warm illustrations which were universal in nature and neutral to demography.

Group 6977_2x.png
Group 7005_2x.png

Service Page Illustration: Solving puzzles through automation and technology

About Illustration: Behind the problem


Career Page Illustration: The fun workplace

Home Page Illustration: People working to analyze the real problem

Building the right cube

Since cubes are the basic building blocks of our theme, we came up with the three - dimensional perspective cubical icons to represent the services which could fit in the client's vision.

App Development

Web Development

Backend Architecture and Development

Experience the live prototype with Adobe XD

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