We are Hiring.

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We love working with fresh talents and people who bring on new ideas at the same time, we respect the lea you can work with us as a full-time employee or an Intern.

Work Culture and
Growth Opportunity

We are fast-growing think tanks. Our open culture ensures that each idea is heard, logically defended, and nurtured. We believe in propagating a free-thinking space for thinkers and creators. Most of our project involves interdisciplinary collaborations which help our team to explore creativity beyond their fields. It's an ideal scenario, at Ungrammary if a designer has to collaborate with the data science, operation, engineers, or business team to work on something they have never heard.

Is it challenging?  

Yes, but we get through it. Our team leaders are always there to guide you. Our verticals are headed by alums from India's best tech and design schools.

Is it exciting?

Hell yes! Since we are a small team, and our nature of projects is such that, we collaborate with CXOs and top executives to solve higher-level design and customer-centric problems. You get a chance to interact with them and learn beyond your job role.

People first team structure

We are on a mission to become the global leaders in service design. 


We hire individuals "Think Tanks" and groom them to become independent producers and strategists. Each team member takes ownership of the project and shares a wide range of responsibilities. The ability to collaborate and move things faster is our greatest strength. 


Our people are our greatest strength. We don't believe in the factory model, where our member has a dedicated desk job. Each team member is capable of ideating things, collaborate with senior members, clients, and sometimes external agencies to turn ideas into existence. 

Work with Ungrammary

We love working with fresh talents and people who bring on new ideas at the same time, we respect the lea you can work with us as a full-time employee or an independent creator.


I want to contribute as a fulltime team memberHow can I apply?

We are always looking for passionate individuals pursuing a career in Design, Motion and Creative Management. 

1. Full-time employment application process: To apply as a full-time employee, write an email stating what inspires you to work with us, along with your portfolio link at coffee@ungrammary.com.

Keep the subject line as <your full name> full-time application for <position>. For example, "Avril Nunes full-time application for UI Design."

2. Internship application process: To apply as an intern, write an email, stating what drives you to pursue a career in the design along with your portfolio at coffee@ungrammary.com.

Do not forget to mention the duration of your internship and your availability dates in your email. Keep your subject line as <your full name> Internship Application. For example, "Avril Nunes Internship application for UI Design."

Don't get disheartened if you don't receive an immediate reply from us. It usually takes a week to review each application carefully and get back. If we are busy or delayed, then a week, please feel free to drop us a followup email.


We appreciate your interest and time that you have invested in our application process. We try our best to replay to each application we receive.


Please be honest with your portfolio/resume.


I am an independent creator; how can I collaborate with Ungrammary?

  1. As an individual, you must have a minimum of 5-year experience in your core field, related to visual arts, motion design, UX/UI, video production, or content creation.

  2. Additional to point the above, you must have a minimum of 6 months of full-time freelance experience.

  3. In case you are a small agency ( team size less or equal to 4) and want to work with us as a partner, the process and eligibility will be the same as an independent creator application. 

Independent collaborator Application process: To work as an independent creator with Ungrammary, write to us about your field of expertise and send your portfolio at coffee@ungrammary.com.

Your portfolio must satisfy our eligibility criteria. Keep your subject line as <your full name> Independent creator <field of expertise>. For example, "Avril Nunes Independent Graphic Designer."